About Eat.Play.Rest

Small changes to how people eat, play and rest can have a significant impact on the brain and broader health.

Like any muscle, the brain needs to be stimulated to stay strong. Eat.Play.Rest shows that maintaining and improving brain health at any age can be fun and fulfilling with a diverse range of easy to follow, accessible, inclusive, and colourful content to inspire change for a brain-healthy lifestyle.

Simple swaps to your weekly menu can help keep your brain healthy over time, check out recipes and more on our Eat page. Play can be as simple as catching up with a friend for a brisk walk, learning to say your name in a new language or completing a crossword. Rest is more than sleep – carve out time to slow down, luxuriate in the things you love and take time away from screens to help reset and focus.

Eat well, play often, rest regularly for a brain-healthy lifestyle. Head to @EatPlayRestAustralia for inspiration.

Eat.Play.Rest was created by Dementia Australia to inform everyone how to make simple lifestyle changes to live and maintain a brain healthy life at any stage of life.