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Conor Curran’s top 5 time-saving healthy cooking hacks

Conor Curran’s top 5 time-saving healthy cooking hacks

Simple swaps to your weekly menu can help keep your brain healthy over time. Masterchef fan favourite Conor Curran says it’s simple for home cooks to add colour and creativity to their meals.

The passionate foodie suggests 10 common pantry ingredients that most people have on hand at home can combine to make delicious and healthy meals.

“The ingredients I always try to keep are natural flavour bombs. Ingredients that allow me to add a lot of flavour without relying on sugars and salts. So olives, anchovies, lemon, olive oil, dried oregano, garlic, dried chilli flakes, honey, tahini and always have a can of chickpeas at all times,” Conor says.

“I think herbs and spices are always a great place to start. Begin with base ones such as fresh parsley and cumin and then begin building your spice and herb palate. You will get it wrong along the way, but the amount of spice mixtures that I have accidentally stumbled across that I still use now astounds me. Also paprika makes anything pretty.”

Conor’s top five time saving healthy cooking hacks are:

  1. Making salsa with leftover greens: “I make a Verde every Sunday with all my leftover herbs, garlic and lemon and dress my proteins during the week with it.”
  2. Oven bakes: “Oven bakes are great and mess-free. Leftovers can also be a healthy lunch option to pack for work the next day.”
  3. Choose quick veggies. “Broccolini, peas and most greens are fast and quick to cook.”
  4. Stews: “Great for multitasking, whilst you sweat your onions you can prep the rest and layer flavour as you go.”
  5. Canned legumes “are delicious and should always be stocked in your cupboard for last-second meals.”

While food is his passion, Conor uses his creativity in other ways to relax and recharge.

“I love writing, whether its thoughts, poems, recipes, writing helps me calm down. Watching when Harry Met Sally does wonders for the anxiety and my garden and tending to my plants. We should all be trying to grow something, it’s incredibly cathartic.”

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