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3 Go-to Sneaky Snacks and Healthy Meal Tips from Stephanie Bendixsen

3 Go-to Sneaky Snacks and Healthy Meal Tips from Stephanie Bendixsen

  • Roasted cashews
  • Wholemeal English muffin
  • Natural peanut butter
  • Reduced-sugar kombucha lollies

Choosing brain-healthy options isn’t always about making huge adjustments to your lifestyle. Little tweaks and menu changes can make a big difference over time.

While it’s easy to reach for salty, sugary treats when you’re craving a snack, Aussie gaming queen Stephanie Bendixsen has landed on three healthier options that hit the spot.

  • Roasted cashews – “Yes, mixed nuts including almonds would be nutritionally better, but I like cashews and I’ve learned it’s best to just go with what you know you’ll actually eat.”
  • Half a wholemeal English muffin with peanut butter – peanut butter is filling and full of good fats. This is a healthier option than toast when you feel like it. “This has literally everything you need to tide you over til your next meal,” says Steph.
  • Natural Confectionary Company reduced-sugar kombucha lollies – “OK, look – I know these are not ‘healthy’, but I feel like everyone is always like “oh carrot sticks and hummus” and like, yeah. We know that’s healthy, and I do eat those too. But if I am desperate for a hit of sugar, I grab a few of these.” Stephanie says the reduced sugar makes them a (slightly) better option, they have probiotics, they’re tasty – but they’re also slightly less ‘morish’ than full-sugar lollies.”


Being a busy person, Stephanie says she has sometimes snacked on sugary treats over the years. But she’s found a solution that brings her better balance and more colour to her meals.

“A big help for me has been signing up to one of those meal box services. It’s given structure to my day, and I only have to think about breakfast and lunch. My husband and I – despite having offices right next door to each other – hardly interact throughout the day. But every night we cook dinner together and sit down and eat and talk, and that’s become a really important part of our routine,” she says.

“The stress of ‘what do you want for dinner’ is exhausting and it’s so nice to just have it all planned out, meals take 30mins to prepare… and they’re all balanced and tasty. This sounds like an ad for meal boxes – haha, but it’s honestly just been such a great thing for us.”

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