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Alyce Tran’s top 5 ways to rest and recharge

Alyce Tran’s top 5 ways to rest and recharge

Moderation in work and food, paired with regular exercise, are the keys to staying healthy and feeling well for entrepreneur and creative soul Alyce Tran.

“I love spinning, I do a spin class every day and I feel like that exercise is not only good for my general wellbeing but extremely meditative,” she says.

The co-founder of cult accessories brand The Daily Edited has recently launched @intheroundhouse, a lifestyle brand creating unique, modern and memorable homewares.

While her connection to social media is important to her personally and professionally, Alyce is mindful of taking time away from it too.

“I put away my phone, especially if I go for a walk or do a short activity. I sometimes just leave my phone on my desk as I find sometimes when I am out walking with my phone, I can’t stop looking at it!”

Other ways Alyce likes to relax and recharge include having a bath and reading before she goes to bed in order to finish the day without a screen.

“I also love getting outdoors on the weekend, sometimes two days away can feel like two weeks away if you do it right!”

Social interaction with a wide group of friends and pursuing her passions for fashion and art also nourish and inspire her.

“I love my friends so much, I have a lot of different social groups so at times it is hard to juggle them all, but I always make it a point to text people, comment on their photos on social media (I mean technology makes it super easy to keep in touch right!?) and I love to have one on ones on them,” Alyce says.

“I love fashion, design, art generally they inform the work I do with my brands, and I love being able to weave passion into the work I do on an everyday basis.”

Alyce’s top 5 ways to rest and recharge

  1. Phone-free time
  2. Take a bath
  3. Take a spin class
  4. Read – especially before bed
  5. Get outdoors on the weekend

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