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Stephanie Bendixsen’s Top 4 Ways to Relax and Unwind

Stephanie Bendixsen’s Top 4 Ways to Relax and Unwind

While online gaming is all in a day’s work for Australia’s leading voice of mainstream gaming, Stephanie Bendixsen, it’s also a source of relaxation.

“Gaming for me gives my brain a focus without the stress of having to deliver anything to anyone. It’s a way for my brain to feel happily engaged in an activity, making decisions, and solving basic problems – at my own pace and without any agenda other than enjoyment,” she says.

“I think video games – especially social ones – are a far better use of screen time than staring at the TV. But I am certainly not disregarding the importance of getting away from screens altogether.”

Stephanie’s top four ways to relax and unwind:

  1. Yoga – “It’s important to move your body, especially if you’re sitting all day – but yoga, in particular, has a really specific focus on synchronicity with body and mind. I found it quite hard to be in stillness initially – but now I make it a priority to make time for yoga and try my best to just keep my mind focused on my movements – and nothing beyond my mat.”
  2. Reading – “Sometimes physical books – but often I’ll listen to audiobooks when I’m walking my dog, which I love! I’m getting some vitamin D, the joy of seeing my dog living her best life, and a fun story to take in all at once.”
  3. Gaming – “Either a big open-world game or something fun with friends if I’m feeling the desire to connect with others.”
  4. Hiking – “Being in nature is like a huge mental and physical release. It’s calming and makes me feel good.”

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